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Corporate Acquisitions

Meta is highly experienced in helping its clients to make acquisitions of other companies. Frequently these can involve raising of external funds to support the acquisition.

Our role typically starts with an appraisal of the target and its strategic relevance to the client’s business. Unless discussions with the target are already underway, it is typical that we are involved in making initial anonymous approaches to ascertain if there is a transaction to be achieved.

Once discussions are properly underway, Meta’s role is to act as project management, ensuring that the transaction moves forward to completion briskly. This involves negotiations with vendors, and frequently, with funding partners as well.

Our role is to project manage the acquisition, allowing the client management to focus on running the business, both before and after the acquisition.


"Meta's strategic and financial advice dovetailed neatly with the operational, manufacturing and logistical knowledge that we were able to deliver from our in-house resources."

John Wingfield
Flambeau Europlast
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