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Meta is passionate about guiding clients through life-changing transactions, specialising in company sales, acquisitions and MBOs.

We understand the complex personal and corporate journey involved in a transaction and work to help clients navigate their way through to completion. For some of our clients, this is a familiar journey – they understand the route perfectly well but either choose to contract the navigation to us or seek our assistance in specific areas.

For many clients, however, this is the first time that they are in a position to undertake a complex corporate transaction, whether it is a sale, MBO or acquisition. For a subset within that, this may be the only corporate transaction they undertake.

At Meta we are well-acquainted with guiding both the novice and the more experienced along the transaction journey. As you would expect, the detailed advice that we give varies dramatically from transaction to transaction and from client to client, depending upon the individual circumstances. It is that bespoke advice that our clients expect.

There are aspects, though, which are common to all transactions of a particular type. To give an overview of these aspects, we have gathered our thoughts together in three Meta How-to guides:

They are intended as an introduction to the topics and are suitable for both the novice and the more experienced client. View them as 'a starter' before we offer you a main course.

Please feel free to download the guides on the pages in this section. You will be asked for some basic contact details first.


"We are very grateful to Peter Counsell for his experienced support during the negotiations. Meta had a very difficult role because they were heavily involved in negotiating in two cultures."

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Isuzu Truck (UK)
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